Scar filling

Scar filling

Microsurgical loosening of sunken scars followed by their filling with hyaluronic acid, which behaves naturally in the skin

Deep, sunken and contracted scars on the face make the skin surface disturbingly uneven. It is difficult to treat them, as they can still remain after even the deepest laser exfoliating treatments. In our clinic we smooth them out with combined treatment.

Recommended for

Those who have deep, sunken, contracted scars remaining on their skin after chickenpox or knotty acne.

Treatable skin surfaces

Primarily sunken scars on the face.


Scar filling is arranged by appointment.

The treatment

With this therapy, following local anaesthesia, we make an incision under the scars with a special instrument and treat them with a pulsating dye laser that causes no injury (Subcision PDL treatment). After recovery, the filler is introduced to the scar. The subcision cuts across the fibres anchor the skin in depth, and can subsequently be smoothed well with the satisfactorily injected material.

Ability to work, nursing at home

Redness, swelling (oedema) or bruising may occur on the treated area. The treated area requires careful nursing at home.

Number of treatments

Generally the scars disappear after one treatment. In exceptional cases, a correction may be required. Within a year the filler will disappear from its place of injection, thus requiring further treatment.

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