Dr Derm Dermatology Clinic

General paediatric and adult dermatology clinic. Skin cancer and mole screening. Non-surgical laser solutions for worrying dermatological problems.

Benefit from safe and effective laser treatments in one of Europe’s best equipped aesthetic medical institutions. Vascular treatments, hair, tattoo and wrinkle removal and skin tightening. Natural effect skin rejuvenation and spectacular skin revitalisation, based on 25 years of experience.

Plastic surgery and vascular surgery services. One-day surgery in an exclusive private clinic. Laser face lifting and double chin tightening; as a modern alternative to classic face lifting surgery, unique in Hungary.

The Building

The villa hosting the clinic was built in the 1920s in the South-eastern part of Rózsadomb, known earlier as Kálváriahegy, in Fillér utca above Marczibányi tér.

Operating theatres

We have created a complex, one-day surgery unit in the new Dr Derm Centre building to meet the highest quality standards and the strictest surgical requirements.

Consultation rooms

The consultation rooms on the first floor of the building are equipped according to the highest level of diagnostic and therapy requirements.

Training centre

A classroom suitable for the further training of specialist physicians is also available in the building. It is used to train our clinicians in new technologies to be introduced; with the help of foreign guest lecturers.

The head of our institution

Dr. Gábor Varju
Dermatologist, Cosmetology Chief Consultant, Chief Executive of Dr Derm Dermatology Anti-Aging Centre, Head Clinician in Aesthetic Laser, Plastic and Vascular Surgery. International trainer for Cynosure Inc., USA and Sciton Inc., USA laser manufacturing companies. Guest speaker at Hungarian and international dermatology events. External consultant in effective agent intake research projects of the Pharmacotechnology Institute of the University of Szeged. Executive in charge of the development of Dr Derm Equipment cosmetic and medical devices.


    • Dermatology and Injection Treatments
      The palette of the dermatology is quite wide: from ointmental treatments, through medicine-related cures to injectional, cryosurgical and radio-frequencial treatments (using radio-frequencial knife).

  • Laser treatments (ablative)
    Skin renewal and deep peeling. Skin renewing fractional treatment. Techniques which require few days of recovery, even with narcotization.
  • Laser treatments (non-ablative)
    Treatments with no skin damage for pigment spots, vasodilatations, rosacea, acne, skin with loose pores, scars, wrinkles. Removal of undesirable hairs and tattoos. Skin tightening with instantaneous effect.
  • Plastic and vascular surgery
    Entire spectrum of plastic surgery: breast augmentation with implant, breast lift, corrections. Liposuction with vibrational technique and a laser which has tissue-tightening effect. Facelifting and double chin tightening.

Our most successful treatments

Our latest treatments


Dr Derm Dermatology Clinic

Address: 1026. Budapest, Fillér u. 33. (Fillér utca – Garas utca corner)
Entrance from Fillér utca.

Take bus 149 from Széll Kálmán tér,
or from the stop next to the former clinic (Fény utca market). Get off at Garas utca stop.

Garas utca (zone: 3023) that opens from Fillér utca, or in
Érmellék utca (zone: 3025)

For more information, or to make an appointment:
(+36) 1 336 0077
(+36) 70 770 2663

E-mail: recepcio@drderm.net

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