Dr Derm Peel

Dr Derm Peel

Skin renewal laser peeling and fractioned treatment

The top layer of the skin, known as the epidermis, constantly renews itself, although as we get older that process also slows down. The deeper tissue layers, especially the dermis, which contains the flexible and collagen fibres, gradually weakens. The Dr Derm Peel is a combined ablative treatment, which consists of laser peeling and fractioned laser treatment. In the course of peeling, the Erbium-based tuneable resurfacing laser evaporates the top layers of the skin with the help of a scanner, thus removing the superficial wrinkles and scars, and shrinking enlarged pores. After peeling, the fractioned laser removes in columns part of the epidermis and the dermis, which can be replaced by new cells. This laser treatment has a major tissue tightening effect too, and will make your face, neck, cleavage or the skin of the selected part of your body tighten naturally, without any surgery.

Recommend for

Those have a pale and worn facial skin with greater or smaller wrinkles. Those on whose skin there are larger or smaller scars as a result of a former acne process. Those who have worn out not only the epidermis, but also the supporting tissues through sunbathing or solarium use. Those for whom, in the opinion of a plastic surgeon, it is too early for a facelift operation. Those who have already had a facelift operation but their skin has slackened and seems tired. Those who do not yet wish any surgical intervention and are seeking a gentler means of skin rejuvenation by laser. Those who are willing to undertake an advanced treatment involving a skin injury and recovery period of one week.

Treatable skin surfaces

The two sides of the face or the whole face, the neck and the cleavage.


Dr Derm Peel treatment is arranged by appointment as it cannot be performed on the day of the examination. Patients need to take acyclovir pills from one day prior to the treatment for 10 consecutive days (in order to avoid any effect causing a sudden flare up of herpes which may occur after treatments involving a skin injury).

The treatment

In the course of a Dr Derm Peel treatment, first we use a high-speed and high-precision scanner to evaporate the top layers of the skin and then, switching to another scanner, the laser applies tiny pricks to the skin, progressing millimetre by millimetre. The depth of the intervention can be set accurately on the equipment, and thereby we can plan the recovery period. The smoke is extracted with a medical smoke extractor system equipped with HEPA filters thus preventing inhalation by the patient or the treating staff. The treatment may cause discomfort and therefore we use a pain relief cream in advance. The Dr Derm Peel treatment is also available under light sedation and, in conjunction with major interventions, under deep sedation.

Ability to work, nursing at home

Due to the fine skin injuries, the eyelids may swell (oedema) even if they have not been treated separately, and therefore the patient will be unable to work for a few days. After the swelling has disappeared, you will feel the tightening effect immediately, though the full reconstruction of the skin structure requires time. Following the treatment, the skin requires careful nursing at home, though makeup can be applied after a week. We recommend avoiding exposure to light for 3 months after the treatment (sunglasses)

Number of treatments

One treatment is effective but, with a smaller depth of intervention that involves faster recovery (2-3 days), the treatment can be repeated.

Scientific background of the treatment

The Dr Derm Peel treatment is based on the Erbium:YAG laser-based MicroLaserPeel and ProFractional-XC technology developed by Sciton Inc., a US layer manufacturing company. The laser peeling allows new skin layers to appear (rejuvenation effect). The heating makes the collagen shrink (natural, immediate lifting effect) and the fine skin injuries will be replaced by fresh cells (cell renewal effect). The high-precision tool performs real peeling, unlike the consequential peeling caused by the fractioned CO2 lasers and which is the secondary side effect of the damage to the top skin layers caused by heat. Led by Dr Gábor Varju, Dr Derm Anti-Aging Dermatology, Aesthetic Laser and Plastic Surgery was the first institution to use the equipment and the related treatment method in Hungary.

Cost of the treatment

The price of a Dr Derm Peel treatment varies between HUF 210,000 and HUF 450,000. Other treatment combinations are available at further cost. The above treatment price involves local anaesthesia but does not include light sedation or deep anaesthesia.

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