Laser treatments (non-ablative)

Laser treatments (non-ablative)

The skin rejuvenation laser treatments can be divided into two main categories: ablative interventions, requiring 1-2 weeks of recovery period, and non-ablative treatments requiring no recovery period. Over the past decade new methods have been developed with which the collagen of the skin can be warmed up and then shrunk without causing any damage (non-ablative tightening). The treatments performed with lasers used for treating spider veins, port-wine stains, rosacea, acne, pigment patches, tattoos, nail fungus and excess hair are also non-ablative. The Dr Derm Dermatology Clinic is the only institution in Hungary to offer a large number of treatments combined from fifteen different non-ablative laser treatments.


The first scientific article dedicated to non-ablative laser treatment was published in the US in 1999 under the title “Effective pulsed dye laser treatment of wrinkles caused by sunbathing”. The Dr Derm Dermatology Clinic was the first to introduce this treatment method in Hungary in 2002. The pulsed dye laser treatment is still considered the most effective for treating scars (more details under the Scarless PDL and Subcision PDL titles) Combined with a Nd:YAG laser, the dye laser not only reduces the depth of the wrinkles but also starts new collagen and flexible fibre production as well as tightening the skin (TwinLaser 3D rejuvenation).

The ForeverYoung BBL treatment is based on the latest research results. The phototherapy, applied with an advanced BBL laser, revitalises the cell functions of the skin as proteins typical of young skin are re-written again from the genetic stock of the cells. The revitalised cell functions make the appearance of the skin youthful and it has also been proved that, with the annual maintenance treatments, that youthful skin can be maintained.

The SkinTyte-II. treatment is based on the heating effect of the pulsing infrared and visible light. The continuous series of impulses heats up the collagen network step by step until it responds by shrinking; tightening the skin and naturally lifting the sagging areas. SkinTyte-II. is a faster and more effective treatment than the former SkinTyte treatment.

The EMERGE fractionated treatment, which heats up the skin in a column zone centimetre by centimetre is the latest trend in non-ablative rejuvenation treatments. A microscopic body is formed in the heat damaged layers of the epidermis and dermis (MEND – microscopic epidermal necrotic debris), which our body “cleans up” with its ordinary biological functions and is then replaced by new cells. In this way the complete structure of wrinkled or scarred skin can be rejuvenated step by step, with a non-ablative treatment. The EMERGE equipment is also ideal for the finest “soft rejuvenation” anti-aging treatments.

Inflamed, acned skin can be treated gently with high energy pulsing blue light (BlueBBL) and vasodilatation rosacea prone to redness or inflamed rosacea may be treated effectively with a pulsed dye laser (Rosacea PDL).

The MultiPlex technology is available for treating spider veins only in our clinic in Budapest. As it combines the light of two lasers, it can block not only superficial red but also deeper, purple blood vessels. In general 80-90% or even as much as all the blood vessels can be made to disappear with just one treatment. On the basis of the MultiPlex laser experience of the past 10 years, the blood vessels do not need to be filled by injection. When the larger trunk varicose veins are also enlarged, the main varicose vein can be treated with laser light, transmitted through a fibre optic introduced into the blood vessel (Intravascular Laser or EVLD).

Hair removal treatments are also non-ablative treatments. We use 3 different methods, depending on the colour and quality of the skin and the hair; and the size of the area to be treated (for more detail see the titles Hairless Laser and Forever Bare).

We can remove tattoos by laser, operating at 3 different wavelengths and effective in each tattoo dye colour (TattooLaser). The high precision tool, produced in Italy, works only on the tattoo dye and does not heat up the surrounding tissues as is the case with the other, cheap, equipment made in the Far East. This makes the treatment more precise and more predictable with a scarless result.

While treating nail fungus, the laser heats up the cuticle and the nail, destroying the fungi. As the treatments are repeated, the nail gradually recovers from the cuticle as it grows (MycoLaser).


  • ForeverClear BBL

    ForeverClear BBL

    The treatment of acned skin and acne symptoms


  • ForeverYoung BBL

    ForeverYoung BBL

    BBL-photorejuvenation: treatment for wrinkles, pigment patches and redness


  • Emerge Frax-L

    Emerge Frax-L

    Skin structure rejuvenation and pigment lightening with fractionated laser


  • Hairless Laser

    Hairless Laser

    Laser hair removal for all skin types, with skin cooling


  • MultiPlex Varicose Vein

    MultiPlex Varicose Vein

    Treatment of spider veins and dilated blood vessels with the simultaneous use of two lasers


  • MycoLaser


    Laser treatment of nail fungus


  • Rosacea PDL

    Rosacea PDL

    Treatment of skin with dilated blood vessels and inflamed rosacea


  • Scarless PDL

    Scarless PDL

    Scar treatment with dye laser and injection


  • SkinTyte II.

    SkinTyte II.

    Non-surgical lifting with skin tightening and collagen induction


  • Subcision PDL

    Subcision PDL

    Scar treatment with dye laser and microsurgery


  • TattooLaser


    Removal of multi-coloured tattoos and café au lait spots by laser


  • TwinLaser 3D Rejuvenation

    TwinLaser 3D Rejuvenation

    Combined laser skin rejuvenation for ageing symptoms


  • MultiClear


    UV phototherapy for psoriasis, vitiligo and eczema


  • SculpSure


    Non-surgical body sculpting with a 25-minute laser treatment


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