Subcision PDL

Subcision PDL

Scar treatment with dye laser and microsurgery

It is one of the most effective ways of removing scars. Following local anaesthesia, a microsurgical subsection is performed on the fibres anchoring the base of the scar. Then we apply a laser treatment, using a pulsed dye laser (Pulsed Dye Laser; PDL), which is able to rejuvenate damaged skin in a unique manner by filling the scar naturally, from the bottom, through the reconstruction of the connective tissue components of the skin itself.

Recommended for

Those who have separate sunken scars of no more than a half centimetre diameter on their facial skin.

Treatable skin surfaces

The face.


The Subcision PDL treatment requires no special preparation and can usually be carried out on the day of the examination.

The treatment

In the course of the Subcision PDL treatment first we make a subcision below the scar and then we apply short light pulses in patches to the skin with the tip of a pencil-type handpiece. The cold air cooling prevents burns to the skin. The treatment may cause slight discomfort; though it is generally painless.

Ability to work, nursing at home

The patient can return to work immediately after the Subcision PDL treatment that does not cause any skin injury. Mild redness may occur which generally disappears in a few hours or purple spots may develop on the area of the burst blood vessels (purpura) as an indication of the effectiveness of the treatment and disappear in 5-7 days. These conditions are always temporary but, as they may be disturbing, the patient is recommended to take a few days off work. After treatment you will need to continue caring for your skin at home and we always recommend avoiding exposure to light for a month.

Number of treatments

Just one treatment may be effective but we recommend repeating the treatments (a course of 2-4 treatments) in order to achieve a perfect result. The Subcision PDL treatments can be repeated every 2-3 weeks.

Scientific background of the treatment

We use the Cynergy pulsed dye laser of Cynosure Inc., a US laser manufacturing company, for the Subcision PDL treatment. It was named after the special method of flashing light excitation of the organic dye used for producing the laser light which is perfectly absorbed in haemoglobin, the colouring of the blood. Led by Dr Gábor Varju, Dr Derm Anti-Aging Dermatology, Aesthetic Laser and Plastic Surgery is the first institution to use the equipment and the related treatment methods in Hungary.

Cost of the treatment

A Subcision PDL treatment costs HUF 47,000 or more, depending on the number of scars to be treated.

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