Removal of multi-coloured tattoos and café au lait spots by laser

Removal of tattoos and superficial pigment patches (café au lait spot, freckles) with a super safe, triple wavelength laser, developed specifically for such purposes.

Recommended for

Those who wish their tattoos or any parts thereof removed, irrespective of whether in a classic single colour (indigo) or multiple colours. Those who have been unable to get their tattoos removed by other, less well equipped institutions. Those who have an inflamed, sensitive or lumpy tattoo. Those who have had a pale brown spot (known as café au lait spot) on their skin since their birth. Those who have developed darker freckles and age spots on their skin. Those who have patchy pigmentation on their lower legs caused by circulation problems.

Treatable skin surfaces

Any part of the body (with few exceptions). More than one region can be treated at the same time.


The TattooLaser treatment requires no special preparation and can usually be carried out on the day of the examination. We recommend not sunbathing or visiting tanning salons for two weeks prior to the TattooLaser treatment.

The treatment

In the course of the TattoLaser treatment, we apply short light pulses to square patches of the skin with the tip of a pencil-type handpiece. Then we treat the neighbouring skin area. We treat the area in 1-3 rows, depending on the nature of the problem. The treatment may cause slight discomfort.

Ability to work, nursing at home

The patient can return to work immediately after the TattooLaser treatment as it causes no skin injury. The treatment may be followed by mild redness on the skin, swelling or crusting which disappears in a few hours. After treatment you will need to continue caring for your skin at home and we always recommend avoiding exposure to light for a month.

Number of treatments

We recommend repeating the treatments (set of 4-10 treatments) in order to achieve a good result. The TattooLaser treatments can be repeated every 4-6 weeks.

Scientific background of the treatment

We use the Q Plus C Q-switched Nd:YAG/Rubin laser of the Quantasystem laser manufacturing company for the TattooLaser treatment, where the laser energy penetrates the skin in square-shaped spots. The laser breaks up the targeted pigment into smaller components, which are then removed by the lymphatic and immune systems of the body. The tattoo becomes gradually paler and paler during the treatment course. Led by Dr Gábor Varju, Dr Derm Anti-Aging Dermatology, Aesthetic Laser and Plastic Surgery was the first institution to use the equipment and the related treatment method in Hungary.

Cost of the treatment

The TattooLaser treatment costs between HUF 30,000 and HUF 90,000, depending on the size of the skin surface to be treated. The cost of removal of a café au lait spot is HUF 60,000.

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