Dermatology and Injection Treatments

Dermatology and Injection Treatments

Each accurate dermatology diagnosis must be followed by an effective treatment. The range of dermatology treatments is rather broad starting from creams through medicinal courses to injection, freezing and radio frequency knife treatments.


The purpose of cream treatment is to restore the epithelial layers of the skin and the barrier, to reduce inflammation, to prevent the multiplication of infectious pathogens and to fade any scar or patches developing as complications. Medicine taken orally is used for a similar purpose because, contrary to local treatment, medical drugs are more suitable for treating a large number of symptoms or deeper layers of the skin (e.g., fungal infection of nails) in patients who do not respond to external treatment or in general diseases that also affect other organs.

Skin surface formulae, thickness of the epithelium, patches, viral growths and pre-cancerous conditions, not requiring surgical excision, may be removed with freezing and a radio frequency knife. Prolific scars, mimic wrinkles (botulinum toxin) and deeper wrinkles, sunken areas (hyaluronic acid) are treated with injections.

Filling the soft tissues of the face has become a dominant part of aesthetic dermatology leading to excellent results either as a single treatment or combined with laser or botox treatment. New, reliable and safe fillers appear on the market all the time, which are not only suitable for filling wrinkles but, by treating deeper tissues, also for shaping the face. With these new fillers, even the zone around the eye known as the lacrimal duct zone, the lips, the chin, the area about the jawbone and even the nose may be shaped.


  • Acne treatment

    Acne treatment

    Opt for an effective treatment of spots to prevent long-lasting scars


  • Scar filling

    Scar filling

    Microsurgical loosening of sunken scars followed by their filling with hyaluronic acid, which behaves naturally in the skin


  • RadioSurgery


    Scarless removal of hanging and flat growths from the skin surface with radio waves and local anaesthesia


  • Armpit botulinum

    Armpit botulinum

    One of the greatest Hollywood hits is the Botulinum treatment of increased perspiration with injections applied with thin needles


  • CryoSurgery


    Removal of age spots, flat growths and viral warts with liquid nitrogen


  • MonaLisa Touch

    MonaLisa Touch

    Vagina rejuvenation for a youthful vagina


  • ForeverClear BBL

    ForeverClear BBL

    The treatment of acned skin and acne symptoms


  • ForeverYoung BBL

    ForeverYoung BBL

    BBL-photorejuvenation: treatment for wrinkles, pigment patches and redness


  • Hairless Laser

    Hairless Laser

    Laser hair removal for all skin types, with skin cooling


  • MultiPlex Varicose Vein

    MultiPlex Varicose Vein

    Treatment of spider veins and dilated blood vessels with the simultaneous use of two lasers


  • MycoLaser


    Laser treatment of nail fungus


  • Rosacea PDL

    Rosacea PDL

    Treatment of skin with dilated blood vessels and inflamed rosacea


  • Scarless PDL

    Scarless PDL

    Scar treatment with dye laser and injection


  • Subcision PDL

    Subcision PDL

    Scar treatment with dye laser and microsurgery


  • Eyelid Surgery

    Eyelid Surgery

    Ambulant plastic surgery of the upper and lower eyelid with quick recovery.


  • Armpit botulinum

    Armpit botulinum

    One of the greatest Hollywood hits is the Botulinum treatment of increased perspiration with injections applied with thin needles.


  • SculpSure


    Non-surgical body sculpting with a 25-minute laser treatment


  • SculpSure Submental

    SculpSure Submental

    The treatment for double chin without surgery and injections


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