Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery 

Every year, more than a 1.3 million people have eyelid surgery because they want to improve their appearance. Eyelid surgery (or blepharoplasty) is the third most common plastic surgery intervention in the world after liposuction and breast surgery.

As men and women age, not only the support structure of their face as a whole will weaken but the skin of the eyelids becomes thinner, as well and the skin of the upper and lower eyelids tends to wrinkle and sag. Initially, this causes a more tired look but later, when the skin of the upper eyelid reaches the lash line, it can interfere with vision and push the eyeballs, too. Also, wrinkles (crow's-feet) will appear from the outer corner of the eyes and run radially down. Above and also below the outer and inner corner of the eye protrusions of fat (bags) may develop. Although injecting botulinum toxin is an excellent method to soften crow’s feet, a botox treatment of the forehead may severely increase the sagging of the upper eyelid by disabling the compensation mechanism (the possibility to wrinkle the forehead).

Eyelid surgery:

With eyelid surgery we can remove the loose and wrinkled skin of the upper and lower eyelids and the protruded fatty tissues and close the incision at the edges with a fine thread. The thread will be removed a week after the intervention; by that time only a fine line of the incision will be visible on the skin and this will become practically invisible in a few weeks. The area of the intervention can be camouflaged with sunglasses until suture removal; then make up can be used on the treated area and so that the patient's environment will not be aware of the intervention performed.

Eyelid surgery is usually carried out under local anaesthesia. With cooperative patients there is no need for in-patient hospital stay. After the surgery and following a few hours observation the patient can leave the clinics.

  • Anaesthetization: local anaesthesia.
  • Operating time: 30-90 minutes
  • In-patient hospital stay: outpatient surgery, overnight stay for patient at clinics is not required.
  • Suture removal: on day 3 - 7.
  • Check up: on day 3 -7, after the 3rd week, 3rd month and 1st year

Preparation: eyelid surgery must be preceded by an eye examination as to exclude potential contradictions.

The result of the eyelid surgery is a fresh look and relaxed appearance. Eyelid surgery is often recommended to be performed in combination with laser facial rejuvenation. The combined performance of the laser facial rejuvenation and the eyelid surgery can delay cosmetic surgery or even make it fully redundant. Eyelid surgery cannot remove dark circles under the eyes or lift sagging eyebrows either.


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