Laser treatments (ablative)

Laser treatments (ablative)

Skin rejuvenation laser treatments can be divided into two main categories: ablative interventions, requiring a 1-2 week recovery period, and non-ablative treatments not requiring any recovery period. The ablative treatments remove the top layers and (in columns) certain fractions of the skin, thus stimulating the rejuvenation of the skin, the replacement of its cells and the strengthening of the fibre system. The immediate effect of ablative treatments is much more spectacular than that of treatments not involving any injury.


The first ablative treatment was the CO2 laser peeling introduced in the 1990s. The CO2 laser had a dual effect: it peeled away the skin surface and then, by warming up the collagen, it made it shrink (shrinking effect, tightening). This treatment proved effective for deep wrinkles, scars and loose skin, but recovery took a number of months and long-term complications frequently occurred. The pigmentation disorders and scars after treatment were unacceptable in an aesthetic intervention and that treatment gradually faded into the background. However, the laser manufacturers learned a great deal from the CO2 peeling experience, and development began in two directions. Firstly, the ablative laser is currently applied to the skin surface over a spread of small points (fractioned treatment) instead of treating the whole skin surface. Secondly, other methods have also been developed with which the collagen of the skin can be heated and then shrunk without causing any damage (non-ablative tightening).

The need for even peeling of the skin surface also opened other directions in laser development. With the Erbium:YAG based lasers, the skin surface is peeled in finer steps than with CO2 lasers. If the equipment also includes a scanner, it ensures the even scanning and treatment of the skin surface, compared with the devices with which the operator must cover the 250-300 cm2 of the face with 20-50 mm2 circles. The manual method without a scanner involves a great deal of uncertainty considering the large number of shots (500-2000), which must be applied to the skin surface under manual control.

The MicroLaserPeel consists of an Erbium-based laser and a scanner which guarantees especially fast peeling. The Dr Derm Dermatology Clinic was the first to introduce this method in Hungary in 2005. The laser evenly evaporates the cell layers of the skin surface, providing space for the fresh, young cells to emerge. The depth of peeling can be set in small grades from 4 to 50 microns, and therefore the recovery period of the treatment can also be planned well. The MicroLaserPeel may be combined with other treatments, even in one session; with detailed information about the treatment provided during the consultation.

ContourPeel refers to the extension of the peeling method described above to the deep layers, where the skin surface is evaporated to a depth of 50-200 microns.

ProFractional-XC is a fractioned treatment using an Erbium-based laser. Here the high energy parallel light of the laser reaches the skin surface in small fractions and causes minor injury in a column shape. The columns, the depth of which may be 5-10 times the depth of the peeling, are real “gaps”, which are filled by new cells through the self-healing capacity of the skin. The laser replaces a natural process, i.e., the regeneration capacity of the skin. The skin structure is renewed and the patient looks 10-15 years younger after the treatment. This method was first used in Hungary by Dr Derm Dermatology Clinic and in Budapest is still available only there.

Although in general these 3 treatments are applied over the whole face in order to ensure an even effect and an aesthetic appearance, in some cases they are only applied to specific places. These cases are the deep wrinkles around the lips or the wrinkles on the two cheeks, defined ContourPeel deep peeling of scars, fractioned treatment of loose skin (lower, upper eyelids) (LaserEyelidLift), or the removal of bags and wrinkles under the eye using a Scheiner laser blepharoplastic treatment.

This treatment is preceded by anaesthesia for which we use a cream containing pain relief or, in some cases, wired (injection) anaesthesia; though in more complex cases or when the patient has a low pain threshold, the intervention can also be performed under sedation or in deep anaesthesia.


  • ContourPeel


    Intensive peeling of deep wrinkles and scars under anaesthesia


  • Dr Derm Peel

    Dr Derm Peel

    Skin renewal laser peeling and fractioned treatment


  • Frax-L 4D

    Frax-L 4D

    Full resurfacing of the skin structure on the face with fractionated lasers


  • EyelidLaserLift 3L

    EyelidLaserLift 3L

    Tightening of the lower and upper eyelids with fractionated laser


  • MicroLaserPeel


    Rejuvenation of the skin surface with gentle laser resurfacing


  • MonaLisa Touch

    MonaLisa Touch

    Vagina rejuvenation for a youthful vagina


  • ProFractional-XC


    Full rejuvenation of the of the skin structure on the face or on the body


  • S.T.A.R. exfoliation

    S.T.A.R. exfoliation

    Skin rejuvenating laser exfoliation with SkinTyte-II. skin tightening


  • Scheiner Laser Bleph

    Scheiner Laser Bleph

    Intensive exfoliation and tightening of flabby, wrinkled lower eyelids


  • South Beach Peel

    South Beach Peel

    Skin resurfacing with laser exfoliation and BBL phototherapy


  • HALO rejuvenation

    Complete skin regeneration with a hybrid fractionated laser


  • HALO rejuvenation

    Complete skin regeneration with a hybrid fractionated laser


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