HALO rejuvenation

HALO rejuvenation

Complete skin regeneration with a hybrid fractionated laser

With time skin loses its youthful glow due to skin damage caused by the sun and because of the natural ageing processes of the body. As a result, age spots and fine lines appear on the surface of the skin and it loses its natural youthful glow. This problem was not resolved by the earlier lasers, as the treatment provided by them was either painless but too superficial or too deep, and at the same time painful and required a long recovery time. The HALO laser erases the effects of recent years, precisely targeting the right depth of the skin. HALO brings back the natural glow of the skin which is associated with young age.

HALO is a complex skin regenerating process. The elasticity and plumpness of the skin improves, skin tone irregularities (pigment patches) disappear or improve, the number and depth of fine wrinkles as well as the size of pores diminishes. As a result of the regeneration of the cell structure the skin’s light reflecting ability changes, and a youthful skin glow is revealed again.

Recommended for

HALO softens the effects of recent years including discolouration, damage caused by sunlight, the visible signs of ageing, loss of elasticity (tone), large pores, the weakened structure, fine lines and wrinkles and scars. It is recommended for those with pale or worn facial skin or those who have pigment patches that have appeared due to sunbathing or tanning. Those for whom, in the opinion of a plastic surgeon, it would be too early to perform a facelift operation. Those who have already had a facelift operation but their skin seems pale, dull or tired. Those who do not yet wish to have any surgical intervention and seek gentler means of skin regeneration with a laser. Whose skin surface has annoying scars or on which large pores visible.

Treatable skin surfaces

The two sides of the face or the whole face and the neck.


HALO rejuvenation is arranged by appointment as it can only be performed on the day of examination if we happen to have availability. If you are not allergic to lidocaine, an anaesthetic cream is applied to the skin area to be treated one hour before the start of the treatment. Patients need to take acyclovir pills starting from the day of the treatment for 10 consecutive days (in order to avoid any effect causing a sudden flare up of herpes, which may occur after treatments involving a skin injury).

The treatment

The treatment starts with a skin assessment. By placing the HALO device into a measuring mode (Motion Tracking Technology) we measure the size of the area to be treated. During the treatment we roll the tiny treatment head of the HALO laser over the surface of the skin until the device indicates that the selected treatment has been completed. Thanks to local anaesthesia and built-in cold air cooling, during the HALO skin regeneration treatment only minor discomfort can be experienced. Most patients experience warmth and a slight pinching sensation during the procedure, which overall, is quite pleasant. The warm sensation will remain for a few hours following the treatment.

The initial results of the HALO rejuvenating laser treatment will become visible after 2-5 days, but regarding pigmentation the treated patients see the most noticeable changes 2-3 weeks following the HALO treatment. The regeneration of the dermis takes months, and due to this the condition of the skin will continue to improve continuously in the months following the HALO treatment. The results of the HALO treatment will be visible for years providing you protect your rejuvenated skin from additional UV damage by using sun-protection creams. Each additional HALO treatment further improves the condition of the skin, making it appear brighter.

Ability to work, nursing at home

In the first 24 hours, following the doctor’s instructions, the skin needs to be protected from external influences, after which - depending on the intensity of the procedure - you may return to your everyday activities. In the days following the treatment, the skin may have a temporary bronze discolouration, which can be concealed with make-up. After the peeling of the treated surface on the third or fourth day the new skin surface will become visible. Treatment is recommended to be booked for a weekend or for a period when the temporary symptoms experienced after treatment do not cause any disruption to your activities. After the treatment, just like with any other laser treatment, the application of sun-protection creams is recommended.

Number of treatments

HALO is so special because even after a single treatment you can achieve the desired result. Consult our specialists to decide if you would like to opt for one or two slightly more aggressive treatments or possibly a higher number of milder procedures. Also check whether you need to have BBL phototherapy for your visible age spots and fine vasodilations.

Scientific background of the treatment

In the past, you had to choose between procedures that truly guaranteed great results, but involved lengthy recovery times or treatments that did not require recovery time, but had hardly any visible results. Now with HALO you can get the best of both worlds: great results with minimal healing time. HALO's hybrid fractional technology combines deep dermal rejuvenation (non-ablative fractionated laser) with epidermal renewal (ablative fractionated laser), therefore, with the synergistic effect on the epidermal and dermis layers, it offers results not attainable with other treatments. HALO regenerates your skin without the lengthy healing time associated with more aggressive treatments.
According to the rating of New Beauty Magazine, which defines the aesthetic market in the US, it was awarded the honorary title of "Best anti-ageing treatment" in 2016. Led by Dr Gábor Varju, Dr Derm Anti-Aging Dermatology, Aesthetic Laser and Plastic Surgery was the first institution to use the equipment and the related treatment method in Hungary.

Cost of the treatment

The price of HALO rejuvenation varies between HUF 298,450 and HUF 698,500 (the latter is combined with full face and neck HALO rejuvenation performed with a hybrid fractionated laser and BBL phototherapy). The above treatment price involves local anaesthesia.

Tisztelt Pácienseink! Szeretnénk Önöket tájékoztatni, hogy az általános bőrgyógyászati vizsgálatra és az anti-aging konzultációra előzetes bejelentkezés szükséges. Viszont vannak olyan kezelések, amelyeket KONZULTÁCIÓ NÉLKÜL, nagyon rövid határidővel vállalni tudunk. Ilyenkor is történik VISIA állapotfelmérés, de nem kell kivárni a konzultációs időpontot. Ezek kivétel nélkül sérülés nélküli (non-ablatív, non-invazív) kezelések, melyek nem igényelnek gyógyulási időt.

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