Armpit botulinum

Armpit botulinum

One of the greatest Hollywood hits is the Botulinum treatment of increased perspiration with injections applied with thin needles

Increased perspiration is caused by dysfunction of the sweat glands. Hyperhidrosis may cause discomfort socially and professionally. In general, it occurs in the armpit, on the palms and on the soles, though it may also occur elsewhere. Palms and soles can be treated effectively with traditional tap water iontophoresis (Dr Derm Equipment for Hyperhidrosis treatment), but in the armpits only Botulinum treatment is effective.

What causes excessive perspiration?

In most cases, the cause of excessive perspiration occurring in certain areas of the skin is unknown. Numerous factors, including malnutrition, anxiety, problems, depression, or hormonal changes in adolescence may contribute to its development.

The treatment

In order to reduce excessive perspiration, we treat the respective area with A-type botulinum toxin and use a very thin needle. A much-diluted solution is used for the treatment and only a small amount of the solution is used; approximately one injection per square cm. Hyperhidrosis will cease on the treated area because botulinum prevents the spread of the neural impulses between the nerve fibres and the sweat gland. The treatment is fast and does not require anaesthesia. Past patients have reported it to be less painful than having blood drawn, though anaesthetic ointment can be used in the event the client is extremely sensitive to pain.


The results show in three to six days following the treatment. If perspiration does not decrease on certain areas, correction can be applied after a few weeks. Botulinum toxin injections do not cure hyperhidrosis; the symptoms may gradually return in 8 to 12 months and require follow-up injections to maintain dryness. In such cases, the treatment can be repeated.

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