PrecisionTx SmartLifting

PrecisionTx SmartLifting

An advanced laser surgery alternative to the classic face lift

As the structure of the facial skin weakens, the tissues of the face lose their youthful hold and the shape of the face changes. The ideal oval shape is replaced by a more angular shape as a result of the loose or sagging skin along the chin line. Simultaneously, the skin structure in the upper part of the neck beneath the chin also becomes slacker, begins to hang or may be filled tight by the deposit of fat underneath. The changes with age make the face look old and are difficult to conceal. This new laser plastic surgery method is a revolutionary solution to this complex problem.

Recommended for

Those whose facial skin has weakened and can no longer resist gravity: beginning to droop on both sides. When the form of the face has become angular instead of the youthful oval shape. When a disturbing double chin has developed which is stressed even more by the adipose tissue accumulated under the skin. If the plastic surgeon is considering a face lift but you would prefer a minimally invasive laser surgery method instead of a classic plastic intervention entailing huge operational trauma. If liposuction itself would result in loose skin. If you would prefer not to have a scar across the upper part of your neck caused by plastic surgery on your double chin.

Treatable skin surfaces

The lower part of the face and the upper part of the neck, the double chin.


PrecisionTx SmartLifting surgery is arranged by appointment, as it cannot be performed on the day of the examination. We perform the treatment in a sterile environment, in our one-day surgery operating theatre, under anaesthesia, and therefore the preparations require detailed laboratory tests and an ECG.

The treatment

In the PrecisonTx SmartLifting, we make a small incision below the ear through which we insert the disposable optical fibre of the PrecisonTx laser under the skin. (The optical fibre glass carries the high energy laser light and will not be left inside after the treatment.) In the first phase of the treatment, we melt the adipose tissue under the skin with the help of the laser and then, in the second phase, the liquid fat can be easily sucked out. In the third phase of the treatment we use the laser to heat up the connective tissue under the skin and the heat tightens up the collagen network. Thus, following the removal of the filling adipose tissue, any sagging is offset by laser tightening.

Ability to work, nursing at home

After a PrecisonTx SmartLifting, the patient cannot work for 1-2 weeks. After the swelling has disappeared, you will immediately feel the reduction of the volume of adipose tissue and the tightening effect, but the full reconstruction of the skin structure requires 4-6 months. You will need to wear a special compress on the operated area for a week but after the first week you will need to keep it on only at night.

Number of treatments

One treatment is effective, but can be repeated as required.

Scientific background of the treatment

The 3 wavelength PrecisionTx laser produced by Cynosure Inc., a US laser manufacturing company, is used for the PrecisonTx SmartLifting treatment. The 3 different wavelengths of the laser allow for setting the ideal ratio of fat melting and skin tightening. The heating caused by the laser makes the collagen shrink (natural lifting effect). Led by Dr Gábor Varju, Dr Derm Anti-Aging Dermatology, Aesthetic Laser and Plastic Surgery was the first institution to use the equipment and the related treatment method in Hungary.

Cost of the treatment

The cost of a PrecisionTx SmartLifting laser plastic surgical operation is HUF 1,270,000, which includes the anaesthesia, laser surgery with a disposable optical fibre, the neck compress and a hotel service in our exclusive private clinic.

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