Scarless removal of hanging and flat growths from the skin surface with radio waves and local anaesthesia

Removal of skin surface mutations with a radio wave operated knife. With the help of the fine electrode of the device, radio frequency power is applied to the tissues to be treated, heating the water content of the cells, evaporating the tissue, and removing the growth. The procedure is fast, generally leaving no scars after healing, and the aesthetic result is much nicer than after burning applied with traditional cauterisation or wolfram fibre technology.

Recommended for

Those on whose skin tiny pearl-like or hanging or stemmed growths appear. Those on whose face and eyelids flat viral verrucas developed (verruca plana). Those on whose bodies a greater or lesser numbers of rough, occasionally narrowing and then thickening mutations, or old-age epithelial growths (verruca seborrhoica) appear. Anyone with any growth on their skin.

Treatable skin surfaces

All skin surfaces and accessible mucous membranes.


RadioSurgery procedure does not require any special preparation; we can usually do it on the day of the examination.

The treatment

In RadioSurgery treatment, we use a fine needle to touch the stem part of the growth or use a circular electrode to smooth out the elevated flat mutation. The procedure may cause slight discomfort but we apply local anaesthetic (by injection) for larger growths. The smoke is extracted with a medical smoke extractor system equipped with HEPA filters thus preventing inhalation by the patient or the treating staff.

Ability to work, nursing at home

The patient can return to work immediately after a radio RadioSurgery procedure that may cause a small skin injury. Redness and swelling (oedema) may occur on the treated area. Any erosion heals in a few days. After treatment you will need to continue to care for your skin at home and we always recommend avoiding expose to light for a month.

Number of treatments

In general, the growths disappear after one treatment. In exceptional cases (large-surface, flat growth), correction may be required.

Scientific background of the procedure

The Fit4Surgery radio frequency knife used in this procedure was developed under the control of Dr Gábor Varju and is currently used by hundreds of professionals in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Hong Kong, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, the UK, Italy, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary. Led by Dr Gábor Varju, Dr Derm Anti-Aging Dermatology, Aesthetic Laser and Plastic Surgery is the first institution to use the equipment and its related treatment methods in Hungary.

Cost of the treatment

A RadioSurgery treatment costs between HUF 7,000 and HUF 60,000, depending on the number of growths to be treated and the size of the skin surface.

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