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Vein Intravascular 1470 (EVLT, ELVeS)

Blockage of the trunk varicose veins of the lower limbs (vena saphena) with a laser optical fibre inserted into the blood vessel.

This is a new method of treating varicose veins, with less stress than a traditional varicose vein operation. Instead of classic vascular surgery on the large trunk varicose veins (vena saphena magna) of the lower limbs, we need only a small needle hole for the Vein Intravascular 1470 (EVLT, ELVeS) intervention. Under the control of ultrasound, we lead the less than 1 mm diameter, optical fibre carrying the laser light into the blood vessel and then, activating the laser light and withdrawing it slowly, heat the internal surface of the abnormally dilated varicose vein. The heated blood vessel walls sticks together and the blood vessel is slowly absorbed. The role of the treated blood vessel will be taken over by other blood vessels and the discomfort and complications caused by the dilated varicose vein (heavy-legged feeling, ankle oedema, eczema on the respective skin surface, ulcer development) will disappear.

Recommended for

Those on whose lower limb(s) the trunk varicose veins are abnormally dilated and deemed by examination to require vascular surgery, and whose blood vessels are suited to the treatment.

Treatable skin surfaces

Abnormally dilated trunk varicose vein of one or both lower legs.


Vein Intravascular 1470 (EVLT, ELVeS) treatment is arranged by appointment as it cannot be performed on the day of the examination. Prior to the treatment, we conduct a vascular surgery examination in our clinic and you will also need an ECG and laboratory test (general blood test, liver and kidney function, coagulation parameters, electrolytes, general urine tests).

The treatment

We perform the Vein Intravascular 1470 (EVLT, ELVeS) treatment in our, highly equipped, one-day surgery operating theatre, under full monitoring. During the Vein Intravascular 1470 (EVLT, ELVeS) treatment, we insert a fine optical fibre into the varicose vein to be treated, with one single prick of a needle, under ultrasound control. The equipment continuously transmits the laser light, while the optical fibre is slowly withdrawn from the blood vessel, with the laser thus continuously heating up the internal surface of the abnormally dilated varicose vein. At the end of the treatment, the optical fibre is completely removed from the treated varicose vein. The bandage applied after a Vein Intravascular 1470 (EVLT, ELVeS) treatment helps the walls of the varicose vein stick together and finally block by pressing them together.

Ability to work, nursing at home

After a Vein Intravascular 1470 (EVLT, ELVeS) treatment, compression is still required on the lower limb. Physical strain should be avoided for a few days. You will be provided detailed information about the method and timing of the application of the bandage and other things to be done after the laser treatment.

Number of treatments

In general one treatment is required.

Scientific background of the treatment

We use the 1470nm wavelength diode laser of Quantasystem Italy, a laser manufacturing company, for the Vein Intravascular 1470 (EVLT, ELVeS) treatment. The EVLT method has been developed gradually over last ten years. Instead of the initial 810, 980nm wavelength lasers, these days 1320 and 1470nm wavelength lasers are preferred in the US, and any earlier lasers have almost completely disappeared. The most recently developed lasers cause significantly less pain during the treatment and significantly less bleeding on the treated area, as the blood vessel sustains less damage due to the improved effect of the higher wavelength.

Cost of the treatment

A Vein Intravascular 1470 (EVLT, ELVeS) treatment costs HUF 295,000. (On one occasion we treat one side, i.e., one limb.) The cost of light anaesthesia (sedation) and 4 hours of monitoring after the operation in our exclusive ward is HUF 95,000.

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