Intracel PRO microneedle RF treatment

Intracel PRO microneedle RF treatment

Award-winning method from the inventor of the microneedle method 

The Intracel PRO device, the winner of the 2017 "The Aesthetic Industry Awards", is the latest version of the first microneedle RF device in the world. Its Intracel PRO fractional radiofrequency treatment is a remedy to many problems and skin types where other treatments cannot be administered successfully.

Recommended for

Those who have enlarged pores on their skin due to blemishing and small craters (ice pick scars) caused by acne. Whose complexion is uneven and lesions or inflamed acne nodules have left permanent brown spots behind. Those who developed smaller moles or large, extended maplike pigment patches (melasma, chloasma) on their skin during pregnancy, breastfeeding or due to taking oral contraceptives. Consult your medical doctor to decide whether your skin is suitable for this type of treatment.

Treatable skin surfaces

In order to have an even complexion and a uniform appearance of the skin, we usually treat the entire face, not only the problem areas. Neck and cleavage are the other most commonly treated skin areas.


Intracel PRO microneedle RF treatment is usually carried out according to prior organised appointments, depending on availability, it can also be carried out on the day of consultation. Before the treatment, we apply anaesthetic cream and leave it on the skin for 20-60 minutes.

The treatment

After cleaning area of the skin to be treated, a sterile tip is placed on the handpiece (since the treatment brings about minor injuries, the tip is replaced after each patient). The Intracel PRO treatment is performed as fine needle-sticks, which - due to the radiofrequency - cause light prickling on the skin. We apply anaesthetic cream to compensate for the inconvenient feeling. After the microneedle treatment, in some cases, we apply a serum of sterile active substances on the surface of the skin that filters through the transitory channels deep into the skin. This softens the pores and crater-like scars, fades pigmentation marks and improves the quality of the skin.

Ability to work, nursing at home

After the Intracel PRO microneedle treatment, some redness may appear but will fade away in a few hours. The day after the treatment, the colour of your skin may be dark rose or bronze-reddish - this can be camouflaged with a foundation make-up. As the intervention acts on the deeper layers of the skin, patients may have some swelling of the complexion for a few days. When planning your treatment, please consider to choose a period when the temporarily visible symptoms do not cause any disruption in your activities. After the treatment, we recommend you to apply sunscreen creams.

Number of treatments required

In general, a full treatment course comprises of 4 sessions with an interval of 2-4 weeks. The desired result is usually achieved by the end of the course, but you may experience continuous improvement from session to session. Please note, that repeated treatments can make the results even more spectacular and more stable, similarly, protecting and duly treating your skin will help extend the results of your treatment.

Scientific background of the treatment

Jeisys, the inventor of the radiofrequency technology  was the first to introduce this treatment method in the US and in Europe. The first to apply this method in his own clinics in Germany, was Dr. Klaus Fritz, well-known dermatologist, laser specialist, senior speaker at trainings and congresses, and in the US, Dr. Michael Gold, a renowned laser specialist, author of several successful laser books, and founder of the 5 Continent Congress (5CC), the international aesthetic dermatology congress.

Dr Derm Cosmetic Dermatology and Laser Center led by Dr. Gábor Varju, is the first to introduce and use the Intracel PRO microneedle RF treatment in Hungary.

With the array of an electrode of 49 microneedles, the whole treatment becomes very short compared to many other therapies. The microneedle fractional radiofrequency with the Intracel PRO device is a true “lunchtime” treatment with clear benefits to the patient.”

Dr Klaus Fritz, Germany

“The low incidence of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) is an important precondition in the treatment of darker skin types prone to pigmentation and of the Asian population. This is a distinct advantage because the microneedle RF treatment increases our possibilities even in combination with topical therapies.”

Dr. Michael Gold, USA

“A major obstacle to the success of microneedle radiofrequency treatment with simple devices is that the resistance of the skin, and therefore the current needed to apply, varies at the different points of the skin surface. With its Intracel PRO device, Jeisys has resolved this problem: the possibility to measure the real-time resistance of the skin allows us to apply the optimal current at each point of the skin (the control unit of the device changes the treatment voltage moment-to-moment and according to the actual skin-resistance). The high power handpiece delivers the needles into the skin at a high speed thus reducing the inconveniences you would otherwise perceive during the treatment. The needles of the disposable sterile tip are extremely sharp and thin so as to cause minimum damage to the skin during the microneedle RF treatment.”

Dr Gábor Varju, Budapest.

Cost of the treatment

Treatment of one side of the face or another area of similar size: 99.060 Ft, full face with the treatment of the eye area or neck 139.700 Ft /session.



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