Lip filling

Too narrow, originally small or slowly narrowing lips cause aesthetic problems to many people.

With the latest fillers, this problem can be corrected efficiently. Following local anaesthesia applied to the lips, the treatment is painless. During the procedure a small quantity of filler is injected into and below the skin on the border lines of the lips and also deeper if required. This will make the lips more expressive and stronger in character. The purpose of this treatment is to apply an aesthetic correction to the mass of the lips and not to achieve less aesthetic, excessively filled lips, known from the media. We use hyaluronic acid as filler, as it is the main component of the dermis and works naturally in skin. We do not use silicon or collagen even to fill lips. The treatment may be followed by slight bruising or swelling which lasts for a few days, but most patients have no symptoms at all by the following day.

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