ONDA Coolwaves: Hautstraffung für den ganzen Körper

ONDA Coolwaves: firming the skin of your body

The revolution of body shaping

DEKA has introduced yet another ground- breaking technological innovation: ONDA, the only system that uses Coolwaves™, special microwaves that selectively targets fat cells, reduces localized fat deposits in a safe, effective and non-invasive way, treats the symptoms of orange peel and tightens the skin.

During the skin firming treatment, the intelligent handpiece of the ONDA Coolwaves ™ heats up the collagen in the skin but keeps the surface of the skin cool. The heat makes the collagen fibres shrink and the skin treated will become firm in a natural manner.

Recommended for

Those whose skin has lost firmness and elasticity on any area of the body. Those who exercise and effectively remove excess fat, but cannot improve skin quality and firmness. Those who after plastic surgery (liposuction) could not regain skin firmness or those who find their skin loose, lax and aesthetically disturbing.

We can set the anatomic place of skin surface selected for tightening  on the ONDA Coolwaves device and it will adjust the treatment values according to the thickness of the fat tissue. Consult your medical doctor and he will decide whether your problem can be resolved with this type of treatment.

Treatable skin surfaces

Almost any region of the body with increasing skin laxity.  No treatment is possible on any area with a lesion that can be a contradiction. (For the time being, the treatment of the face and the neck-double chin is non-authorised, resp. there are certain body surface areas that need to be avoided.)


The ONDA Coolwaves skin tightening treatment does not require any preparation. The treatment is usually carried out according to prior organised appointments, it can also be performed on the day of consultation depending on availability. No anaesthetics are needed.

The treatment

The appropriate tightening programme will be selected on the DEKA-ONDA device according to the body surface to be treated. The handpiece will be passed through the selected area with slow moves in circles. You may have a warm feeling in the depth during the treatment but the cooling integrated in the handpiece will keep your skin surface cool. After the ONDA Coolwaves we recommend a Z-Wave Pro shock-wave therapy massage. The total time for the treatment of a symmetric region is 30 minutes.

Ability to work, nursing at home

After the ONDA Coolwaves treatment there is no downtime needed for recovery, you can continue your usual activities.

Number of treatments required

The number of sessions required depends on the gravity of the problem. In general 3-4 sessions are n neceseeary to visibly improve skin tightening in a given region, but you may see changes already after the 1st and 2nd sessions.


Scientific background of the treatment

The Research and Development division of DEKA has developed an intelligent handpiece that drives the electromagnetic field towards the deep layers of the skin while its integrated cooling system protects the skin, and provides safety and comfort to the patient.

Thermal heat on collagen fibres have a natural firming and lifting effect, additionally it also triggers the formation of new collagen fibres thus achieving an even more spectacular and lasting result.

Dr Derm Cosmetic Dermatology and Laser Center led by Dr. Gábor Varju, is the first to use this equipment and the related treatment method in Hungary.

Cost of the treatment

The price of the ONDA Coolwaves treatment for a symmetric region (15 x 15cm): 99.060 Ft. After the ONDA Coolwaves we recommend a Z-Wave Pro shock-wave therapy massage.


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